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Rising Damp Treatment – Melbourne and Victoria

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Rising Damp (also known as salt damp) is moisture from the ground that migrates up a brick/masonry wall by a force known as ‘capillary action’. The moisture brings with it salts and minerals from the ground that can cause the deterioration of decorative surfaces and the break down of structural components in a masonry structure including renders and mortars.

The most common factors that can cause rising damp include; the absence or poor condition of a Damp Proof Course (DPC), plumbing issues (e.g. storm water systems), or bridging from raised garden beds, concrete slabs or pathways.  In many cases, the most effective method to stop rising damp is to install a new DPC to block the migration of moisture up a masonry wall.

Tech-Dry’s water based DPC injection system is an environmentally friendly and safe application designed for Australian conditions. The Tech-Dry DPC cream has been successfully applied to thousands of jobs throughout Australia and has been approved for many of Melbourne and Victoria’s most valued heritage buildings.

rising damp

rising damp treatment

Preparation for DPC
injection treatment

damp course proofing

Injecting DPC Cream Treatment into the exposed brickwork

rising damp Melbourne

DPC Cream links up to form
new moisture barrier

damp proofing

Contaminated Render and plaster
removed to reveal bare brick

rising damp solutions


damp specialists

After the installation of a DPC, the treated wall will often require further structural and cosmetic repairs including; re-rendering and plastering, re-pointing of brickwork, reduction of the residual salts, and painting.  Tech-Dry offers a complete service to cover these often necessary works to ensure that the client receives a product that is in accordance with industry standards and guarantees to match.

Below is a snap shot of some more recent rising damp heritage projects we’ve completed.

L>R: Mission Building & Elms Hotel, Old Eastern Hill Fire Station, University of Melbourne – Grainger Museum, Victorian Terrace homes, University of Melbourne – Police Stables, Yarram Court House.

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MBCM Strata Specialists
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Australian Institute of Waterproofing

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