Rising damp in exposed brick and masonry walls can cause symptoms including fretting or crumbling mortar. If left untreated, the affected wall may be vulnerable to the natural elements which can speed up the deterioration of the mortar and, in some cases, affect the structural integrity of the building.

Damaged Wall

Damaged Wall Multiple damp problems

Repointed Wall

repointed wall

After the installation of a damp proof course (DPC), the affected mortar will often need to be replaced through the process of repointing. Tech-Dry looks for the most practical and cost-effective approach when providing a quote for repointing.

The repointing process commences after a DPC has been installed and given sufficient drying time. The loose mortar is removed to a pre-determined height (typically along an even plane at the level to where the damp has risen) and at a minimum depth of approximately 10 – 15 mm. The new mortar contains a mixture of sand and cement, with a water proof additive to help protect against residual salt left in the masonry wall.

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